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Komiža is one of those places that are impossible to be indifferent to, that you can fall in love with ease and that justifies the placement of island of Vis as one of the Ten last paradise resorts on Mediterranean”, by WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Komiza is picturesque fisherman’s town with the most sunny days in a year, with hundred year old carob trees, picturesque stone houses, medicinal mediterranean plants and vinyards which are covering the hillsides. A long fishing tradition is present everywhere. 
One of the most powerful marks is Gajeta Falkuša- a famous fishermen’s boat, a highlight of that tradition. She represented Croatia at the World Exhibition - EXPO in Portugal, 1998.

Komiža is the first Croatian town visited by Pope

The Pope Alexander III was transported by fishermen from Palagruza to Komiza, where he sought refuge from a storm on his way to Venice. He took the opportuntiy to visit St.Nicholas Church.

Komiža – the center of fishing industry of the Adriatic

Komizan fishermen were the only open sea fishermen in the Mediterranean. They were fishing in the waters of Croatia's islet Palagruza, the one most distant from the mainland. The largest fishing industry of the Adriatic, whose center was Komiza, endured until the mid-20th century. In the early 20th centur there were seven fish processing factories! The largest of these, " Fratelli Mardešić" even exported sardies to America.

In the city of San Pedro in California, ten times more people from Komiza live there. Today Komiza has only 1500 inhabitans, in the early 20th C., during the golden age of fishing, it had over 5000 people.

St.Nicholas Day

Every year, on St.Nicholas Day, the patron saint of travellers, sailors and the town itself, an old wooden fishing boats is burnt in front of the parish church according to pagan traditions and the ancient belief that this ascrifice will protect sailors and the town.

The landmarks of the town of Komiza

Komiza's fort- The Citadel Grimaldi ( Komuna)
Mazzoleni Fort
Manjarema Fort
St.Nicholas Church
St.Mary's Church ( Our Lady Pirate)
Church Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
Zanki Mansion etc