otok vis


Vis is the oldest town in Croatia.

The ancient Issa (Vis) was inhabited in 397 BC by the Greeks from Sirakuza on Sicily who founded a settlement at the location of today`s town of Vis. It served as a starting point for further colonization of the Adriatic. The largest are the remains of ancient Issa and on the Pirovo peninsula there are remains of an ancient theatre and public bathing grounds.

At the time of British rule Vis was a smuggling centre, and allowed piracy as a form of free trade.

This was a period of abundance of sugar, cofee, wine, beer, rum, silk, gold, silver, watches, perfumes, jewels, fruit, cigars found nowhere else on the mainland.

During the time under British rule, cricket was played, and today the firts Croatia cricket club, founded on Vis, is named after the Admiral Sir William Hoste.

The Battle of Vis, the famous battle between the Austrian and Italian fleets took place in the Vis Channel on 20 July, 1866. A smaller and outdated Austrian fleet won the battle. It was the first major naval battle, in which armoured ships and steamboats took place, and also the first in the world history when two armoured fleets clashed in the open sea.

In the early 20th century about 12 000 people lived in Vis, and today the entire area of the town counts about 1 500 people.

The landmarks of the town of Vis

Ancient Issa excavations
Remains of the Roman baths
Remains of the Issa theatre
Tower Perasti
Fort George
Fort Wellington
Fort Bentich
Fort Hoste

Vis Churches
St.George Church
Parish Church
Franciscan Monastery with St.Jerome's Church
St.Ciprian and Justinia's Church
St.Spirit Church

Mansions of Vis
Garibaldi's Villa
Jakinovi dvori
Andreučić's Mansion
Dojmi de Lupis Mansion
The house of Tramontana Family

Archeological museum and more..